• 2 expeditions in the Barents Sea (one by use of Russian Vessel and one by Norwegian Vessel):
  • Collecting field data and ice samples of level ice, consolidated layer and ice blocks in the sail and keel.
    • Measurements of vertical profiles along the spine and transacts perpendicular to the spine will be done for these ridges. The sail height, sail width, keel depth and keel width, consolidated layer thickness, rubble block sizes and porosities will be examined for each ridge. These results will contribute to more data in terms of geometry and morphology.
    • Collecting core samples from different parts of ridges (sail, consolidated layer and keel) as well as from the surrounding level ice will be taken for further analysis in laboratory.
    • Measure ice temperature along vertical profiles through ridges for estimating profiles of consolidated layer of FY ridges.
    • EM measurements of sea ice thickness to derive thickness distributions and ridge statistics.
    • Collection of in-situ data to be compared against satellite and model derived estimates from WP1 and WP4.
  • Harbor and Oil spill field tests (primarily in Bay of Bothnia/Arkhangelsk).
  • Detailed planning and preparation of the field expeditions