Work meeting for updates and planning

The experts of the Kolarctic-funded project Ice Operations have held their regular working meeting to update themselves on the progress achieved during past summer.

In IceOps project team, NArFU is represented by its Higher School of Natural Sciences and Technologies, Higher School of Energy, Oil and Gas, Higher School of Information Technologies and Automation Systems, and Department of International Cooperation. The project activities are carried out in partnership with Gubkin National University of Oil and Gas, and the Northern Territorial Administration for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

Research work and deliverables

Research work and field surveys were in full swing past summer, despite the limitations put by COVID-19 pandemic. Among the deliverables are analytical papers covering, in particular, the ice conditions in the Pechora sea; the study of the Barents Sea conducted in cooperation with the Finnish Meteorological Institute; the practices of economic risk analysis using simulation software, inclusive of the simulation of the ice conditions in the Pechora Sea; and the Arctic ice topography analysis using Sentinel Application Platform.

Planning for NArFU’s Arctic Floating University

Having discussed their progress, the project partners went on planning for their participation in NArFU’s Arctic Floating University 2021, discussing also prospects of cooperation with the area’s industries and elaboration of recommendations intended for the offshore oil and gas operators.

Ramon Guliev, PhD candidate, Professor Sergey Ryabchenco and Lubov Zarubina, Vice Rector International Dept.

Lubov Zarubina, Sergey Ryabchenco, Ramon Guliev and Eero Rinne, FMI on the screen.

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