ICEOPs project meeting and workshop – PM11, 4 June 2021

Project Meeting no. 11 and workshop was arranged on TEAMS Friday the 4’th of June 2021. During the workshop the next ICEOP field expedition out of Arkangelsk with the Arctic Floating University (AFU, NArFU) in June was discussed.

Presentations (Luleå University of Technology) covering the BIG Shear Test and Navigation (with ice breaker Frej) in ice trials were given. Advanced models for simulation of ice forces towards windmill substructure were also shown during the meeting by SINTEF Narvik.

ICEOP meeting on TEAMS; WP0-WP5 at the agenda.

Agenda for the project meeting and workshop:

WP0: Project Management and Coordination (SINTEF)
WP1: Barents Sea Ice Conditions (NArFU, FMI)

WP2 – Field expeditions and surveys  (NArFU) 

WP3 – Laboratory analysis of field data (LTU, FMI) 
– Ice Mechanics models (SINTEF)

WP5 – Workshops and Dissemination (Storvik/NArFU)

Final Interim report/Project report

Dr. Roman Aleshko, NArFU; presentation WP1, “Development of a methodology for automated interferometric processing of radar satellite imagery data for determination of ice ridge parameters” and PhD-student Ramil Giliev, NArFU; presentation WP1,“Analysis of the risks of development oil and gas fields on the Arctic shelf based on ice conditions”.

Next meeting; PM12, Project Workshop & Meeting is planned in Aug.-Oct. -21.

Arctic Forum is planned in October 2021. Separate session on ICEOP, Industry Workshop.

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