An updated version of the “Thematic Report No. 1 on Barents Sea Ice Condition” is produced

This report will hopefully contribute to the project goals concerning the industrial development in the Arctic areas and serve as basis for recommendations intended for the oil and gas companies operating in the Barents Sea.

Descriptions of the Barents Sea Ice regime and weather conditions

An outcome of the Ice Operations project is the Report on the Barents Sea Ice conditions. Prepared by NArFU experts, it contains physical and geographical descriptions of the Barents Sea, its ice regime and weather conditions. A special section is dedicated to SAR imagery and how it helps in detecting ice and interpreting its parameters. The obtained images have been verified against the actual ice conditions that could be observed from the ship of NArFU Research and Training Expedition – Arctic Floating University 2019. The route taken by the expedition included: Arkhangelsk – transect Kola Meridian – Barentsburg (Spitsbergen) – Longyearbyen – Pyramiden – Ny-Ålesund – Arkhangelsk.

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